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Within the realm of neurosurgery, which encompasses procedures on the brain, spine, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves, the advent of advanced microscopes has revolutionized intricate brain surgeries. Shalby Hospital’s skilled and dedicated team excels in micro-neurosurgery, achieving remarkable outcomes in conditions like Trigeminal Neuralgia and successfully treating complex tumors without compromising brain function.

Neurosurgery Treatment Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities include cutting-edge equipment such as the KARL ZEISS OPMI-vario model Microscope, ensuring precision in micro-neurosurgical procedures. From brain tumors to neurovascular surgeries, our comprehensive services cover a wide spectrum of conditions:

1. Brain Tumors

– Glioma
– Posterior FOSSA tumor
– Meningioma
– Cerebello-pontine (CP angle) angle tumors
– Pituitary tumors
– Epidermoid, Dermoid tumors
– Skull base tumors
– Tumors of orbit
– Pineal gland tumors
– Nasopharyngeal tumor with intra-cranial extension
– Intra-ventricular SOL

2. Spinal Tumors

– Intra-medullar tumors
– Neurofibroma
– Astrocytoma
– Meningioma
– Ependymoma
– Melanoma
– Hemangioblastoma
– Abscesses
– Epidermoid – Dermoid
– Arachnoid cyst
– Extra medullary intra-dural tumors
– Extra Dural Tumors
– Metastasis
– Primary Neoplasm of the spine

3. Neurovascular Surgeries

– Aneurysm, Clipping, coiling, balloon occlusion
– Arterio-venous malformation
– Moya Moya Disease
– Spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage surgery (All brain hemorrhages)

4. Interventional Neurosurgery

– Carotid End-Arterctomy
– Carotid stenting
– Intra-arterial thrombolysis

5. Head Injuries

– Depressed fracture skull
– Intra-cerebral hemorrhage
– Extra-dural hemorrhage
– CSF rhinorrhoea
– Sub-dural hemorrhage
– ICP monitoring

6. Paediatric Neurosurgery

– Congenital malformations
– Cranio-vertebral junction anomalies
– Hydrocephalous
– Split cord malformation
– Meningocele
– Craniosynostosis: Tethered Cord Syndrome
– Meningomyelocele
– Pediatric brain tumors

7. Degenerative Spine Disease

– Lumbar canal stenosis
– Lumbar disc disease
– Cervical Cord Compression
– Radiculopathy
– Myelopathy

Brain Tumor Treatments:

Treatment options, tailored based on factors like tumor type, size, and location, include:

1. Surgery

– Complete or partial tumor removal with advanced techniques like brain mapping, endoscopy, and intra-operative MRI.

2. Radiation Therapy

– External and implant radiation, Gamma Knife stereotactic radio surgery.

3. Chemotherapy

– Oral or injected drugs targeting cancerous cells, administered in cycles.

For the best brain tumor treatment by India’s top neurosurgeons and neurologists, book your appointment with Sairatna superspeciality Hospital. 

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